Trampoline Shoes

When you first start training trampoline and double-mini at Shasta, you will be required to wear socks or trampoline shoes when you jump; i.e., no barefeet.

For competitions, the FIG Code of Points (see Judging and Scoring page for more info) says “white shoes and/or white foot covering may be worn. If you wear socks, they have to be plain white with no colour logos. Anything else will result in penalty points that will be deducted from your score for the routine!

As you begin to jump higher and learn more difficult skills, you may find that socks are a bit slippery, or bother you while you are jumping. If this happens, you might want to think about buying a pair of trampoline shoes.

Trampoline shoes (or slippers) come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Most of our higher-level athletes do wear trampoline shoes; although, some try them and then go back to competing in plain old (white) socks. There is no set time for when to get trampoline shoes, it really is down to personal preference. And, remember, you can always ask your coach what they think.

You can purchase trampoline shoes online from:


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