Provincial Levels, National Levels, Mobilizing, and Funding Scores

Competition Streams

The current levels of competition for trampoline gymnastics are:
Provincial Stream
10&U, L1, L2, L3, L4 (sometimes with age splits)
Provincial Stream Meets
BC Cups
Provincial Championships
Western Canada Cup
National Stream
L5, L6 (Espoir), Junior, Senior (with some age splits)
National Stream Meets
BC Cups (National Stream)   Club meet
Provincial Championships   Club meet
Canada Cup                                Club meet
Canadian Championships     Team BC
WAGS/WORLDS                      Team CANADA
Indo-Pacific                               Team CANADA
International Competitions  Club & Team

Athletes who join Shasta are assessed by the coaching team and will train drills, skills, and routines for trampoline and double-mini before they are placed in the level they will compete in for the 1st BC Provincial Cup. Once again, this is Shasta’s Aaron Johnson Memorial Cup, held on BC Family Day weekend February 10th-12th, 2018.

There is no age limit for these competitive levels, although depending on the total numbers of competitors, there may be age splits to help with event scheduling.

Progress through the Provincial levels is directed by individual coaches in consultation with the head coach. This means athletes move up through the levels when the coaching team sees they are ready. Some athletes may move up a competitive level between meets within a competitive season, while others may compete at the same level all season, before moving up a level. Sometimes athletes will compete at the same level for consecutive seasons. 

To be good at trampoline gymnastics, athletes need to work hard, be dedicated, have courage, listen to their coaches, and most of all enjoy their sport!!

Regardless of the speed of progress through the levels, the Shasta coaches strive to have all athletes progress to become the best they can be, at the speed that is right for them.


When an athlete reaches L4 in trampoline or double-mini, they have reached the highest Provincial level of competition. To progress to L5, the first level of National competition, and then through the subsequent National levels, athletes must perform the required skills for each level (R), and achieve a pre-defined execution score (S), and degree of difficulty score (D). If an athlete meets all three requirements in the preliminary rounds, they “mobilize” to the next level. Athletes can mobilize at any of the Provincial stream meets or National stream meets held in Canada.

The requirements for each level appear in the Canadian Competition Rules, sanctioned by the Canadian Gymnastics Federation.

Funding scores

Gymnastics BC awards funding based on performance to National athletes to help with the costs of attending Canadian National Championships. They record all scores achieved by athletes at Provincial Cups and BC Championships. Athlete funding is split into 3 tiers according to score (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3). To secure funding, athletes must achieve the funding score twice during the preliminary rounds for trampoline or double-mini, or once for synchro.


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