Introduction to the Competitive Season

Regular training for a new competitive season typically starts shortly after school is back in session.

The Board meets the week before the start of training to plan the Members Meeting, discuss uniform requirements, welcome new Board Members, and discuss the competition schedule. The Members Meeting is generally scheduled for the weekend at the end of the first week of training, when our Chair introduces the Board and reviews how the club operates. We also collect membership fees at this time, and the Board Members are available to answer any questions.

During September, we also collect uniform items from athletes who retired, and any athletes who need a new size,  and then a uniform swap is scheduled. Consigned items in gently used condition are sold at half price on a first-come, first-served basis.

With the meeting and uniforms taken care of, we leave it to the coaches to get to know their groups, and have an awesome few months of training. Provincial groups will be learning skills, conditioning to improve "trampoline" fitness, and would normally be putting together routines, in preparation for the Shasta mini-meet, which we host in early December. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold the mini-meet this year (2017) due to the lack of a suitable venue.

Following the break from training over Xmas and New Year, the coaches start preparing our athletes for the competitive season. The Aaron Johnson Memorial Cup, held on Family Day weekend (Feb 10th-12th, 2018) is the first Provincial Cup of the BC Trampoline and Tumbling competitive season (see "Shasta Meets" page for more details). As there is no mini-meet, this will be when our new athletes get their first taste of competition. We hope they will have a successful and enjoyable experience that will be the first of many!


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