What do I do if my child is sick, or has has to miss training at short notice?
Provincial athletes do not need to let their coaches know if they will miss a few days training, but please email kquayle@yahoo.com (Kath) if the absence is going to be more than a few days.
National athletes should let their coach know directly if they are going to be absent from training.

How are athletes registered for meets?
Unless previously discussed with Val (at least one month in advance), all Shasta athletes will be registered in Provincial Cups, and will be required to pay the registration fee. This fee is non-refundable unless you provide a medical note from your doctor - we can then get a refund for you from Gymnastics BC. Please discuss with Val prior to the registration deadline if your athlete is not intending to, or can't compete for any reason. You will receive email notification of when the deadlines are for each meet.

Which coaches attend the meets?
Before meets, we will confirm which coaches will be going so that younger athletes know who they can approach on the competition floor.

Can we buy T-shirts, sweat shirts, etc with the Shasta logo?
We are hoping to launch sales of "Shasta Spiritwear" soon - please stay tuned for updates.


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