2016/2017 Results

Our new 2017 National athletes

This season, the following athletes mobilized to the National level:

Mario Abe-Ziegler
Julie Anderson
Norine Bao
Jordan Karwacki
Brandon Mayrand
Cyena McIntosh
Cole Nevalainen
Eleni Papakyriakopolous
Maverick Romanuik

Our 2017 Provincial Champions

Cameron Attwell (Tr; L5)
Cyena McIntosh (Tr; L4)
Tamara O’Brien (DMT; Senior)
Samantha Smith (Tr; Senior)
Jordan Wilmshurst (Tr; L6 18+)
Maveric Romanuik & Norine Bao (Sync; L4)
Emily Milne & Hannah Milne (Sync; L2)
Andrew Dodds & Ronan Livesey (Sync; L3)
Maja Bonham & Gracyn Hayhurst (Sync; L5)

Our 2017 Western Canada Cup Champions

Maveric Romanuik (Tr; L4)
Maveric Romanuik & Norine Bao (Sync; L4)

Our 2017 Canadian Champions

Tamara O’Brien (DMT; Senior)

Shasta athletes awarded GBC funding in 2017

Tier 1

Tamara O’Brien (DMT)
Sam Smith (Tr)

Tier 2

Julie Anderson/Eleni Papakyriokopolous (SYN)

Tier 3

Cameron Atwell (DMT)
Jane Harrigan (Tr)
Gracyn Hayhurst (DMT)
Cyena McIntosh (DMT) 
CC Rundell (DMT)

(see: Provincial Levels, National Levels, Mobilizing, and Funding Scores page for details of how funding is awarded)


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