About us

Shasta Trampoline is a competitive trampoline club founded by Valerie Johnson in September of 1975. This year, the Shasta Team has 44 members who will compete regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally. The Team has won many medals and titles over the years, thanks to Val, our awesome Head Coach and the Shasta coaching team.

Team Shasta is supported by the Shasta Trampoline Booster Club, a registered non-profit society of which all families with Shasta athletes are members. The Booster Club is run by a 9-member board, in accordance with the BC Societies Act.

Want to try out for Shasta?

We typically recruit new athletes to join the team during the summer preceding the competitive season, as space permits. If you would like more information about joining Shasta, please contact kquayle@yahoo.com

Shasta is our passion!

Our Mission

  • To create a great team of athletes that support each other, while accomplishing their dreams.
  • To develop a coaching team that helps athletes become well-rounded, happy individuals.

Shasta Team Values



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