About trampoline gymnastics

Trampoline gymnastics is an acrobatic sport that includes four events: individual trampoline; synchronized trampoline; double-mini trampoline; and tumbling. 

Shasta athletes compete individual trampoline, synchro, and double-mini.

Individual Trampoline

Individual trampoline consists of an athlete performing routines of 10 different skills that take of or land on the feet, seat, front, or back, with the routines starting and finishing on the feet. The athlete must come to a complete stop at the end of a routine, and show stability for 3 seconds before moving.

The preliminary rounds of the competition require the athlete perform a compulsory routine (10 pre-defined skills performed in the correct order), followed by an optional routine of 10 skills selected by the athlete that can be performed in any order and may include skills of higher difficulty.

The top 10 athletes progress to a final round, when they are required to perform another optional routine, which can be the same or different from the one they performed for the preliminary round.

Synchronized Trampoline

In synchronized trampoline, two athletes perform the same routine on adjacent trampolines. Each athlete scores points and additional points are awarded for synchronization. The winner may be declared after just one round of one routine, or sometimes the top 10 pairs will advance to a final round. In this case the scores of both routines are added together to determine the winner.

Double-Mini Trampoline

Double-mini trampoline is an open-ended apparatus with a sloping mounter bed and a non-sloping spotter bed. Athletes run down a runway as for vault, beginning their pass on the mounter bed to the spotter bed, and then performing a dismount into the landing area. Two skills are performed in each pass, either as a mounter pass – first element from mounter to spotter bed, then a dismount to the landing zone– or as a spotter pass – straight jump to spotter bed, spotter skill on spotter bed, then a dismount to the landing zone. - (bed) landing area.
An athlete performs four passes in the preliminary rounds and the top ten athletes progress to a final round when they perform two more passes. 


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