2018 AJM

Aaron Johnson Memorial Cup

Trampoline Gymnastics  - 1st BC Provincial Cup

FEBRUARY 10-12, 2018
Cameron Recreation Centre
9523 Cameron St, Burnaby
Thank You To All Our Sponsors

Start Lists (as of 1:44 Feb 11)
Results (as of 12:58 am Feb 12)
Schedule (Feb 2, 2018)

General Info
  • Admission: $5/day, $10/weekend
  • Parking at the Centre is free, with free overflow parking in the upper Wal-Mart lot
  • Gym opens at 7am Sat, 7:30am Sun, 8am Mon
  • Concession in the lobby features Starbucks coffee 
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE GYM - this is strictly enforced so we don't lose this venue
  • Questions - please see Admissions
Coaches and Judges
  • Hospitality upstairs in the Spruce Room (Sat. only) and in the Watering Hole in the gym
  • GymBC is hosting a meeting at 7:30am Sun in the Maple room see Debbie McBoyle for more information
  • Please arrive ½ hour before your warm up time as blocks may run ahead
  • National Athlete meeting at 3:40 Sunday Feb 11 in the gym
  • Team BC sizing:
    • Saturday Feb 10       11:00am – 1:00pm / 4:30pm – 5:30pm
    • Sunday Feb 11          2:00 – 5:00pm
Shasta Athletes
Track jacket and pants and competition wear. Girls please wear your bodysuit with no bra straps showing. Boys, please wear your singlet and shorts (or pants as applicable). Footwear should be white ankle socks with no logo, or trampoline shoes. No jewelry.

Athletes please wear your track jacket and track pants to the gym and while volunteering. 

Athletes, please check with your coach as to what level you will be competing: L1, L2, L3, or L4. At the competition, please listen to the announcements calling your group to gather at marshaling. Wear your track suits, with your uniforms underneath.

After the competition, you should expect to stay with your team and for the awards ceremony each evening. If for some reason you need to leave before the end of the competition, please let your coach or one of the other Shasta coaches know that you are leaving.


If you are unable to make a shift, or will be late, please let Sophie St. Pierre 778-233-4386 or  know right away. If your athlete is competing during your shift let Sophie know so she can find a replacement for you so you can go watch. 

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the block start unless otherwise directed. Marshallers, please arrive 1/2 hour before the block start as you will need to begin marshalling athletes to warm up right away.

Baked Goods Donation: Please bring these up to the kitchen upstairs beside the Spruce Room. Please mark your dishes so they will be easy to return to you.

Note that hospitality is for judges and coaches only. Please bring your own snacks. There is no food or drinks allowed in the gym, or we risk losing the venue for future events.

Feb 2nd
We have just been advised of an update to the FIG rules and regulations for 2018. Scoring of L6 will include two DD scoring skills from preliminary routines rather than four skills, as previously. We will be contacting coaches with athletes in L6 to address this. 

Jan 30th
Revised schedule as of Jan 27th. Addition of Block 8 on Monday.

Jan 29th
DD sheets in from Port Alberni, Aviva, Whistler, Shasta, OGC, Team Saskatchewan. Around 220 printed, 300 to go! Thanks to all for not leaving till the last minute :) 

Jan 27th
Volunteer sigh-up sheet is live. Check your email for the link

Jan 26th
Volunteer sign up sheet goes live tomorrow (27th) at 9am. Check your email for a link.

Jan 25th
First DD sheets are in!! Shout out to Sandra Poelzer, Port Alberni - you rock :)

Jan 25th
2018 AJM schedule now available.

Jan 22nd
The schedule is currently out for review by the judging Chair, and then needs approval from the technical committee. It will be circulated and posted as soon as approval is given.

Jan 21st
If you would like to donate some baked goods for the meet, please email Lisa at dronan2@telus.net and let her know what you can bring.

Jan 15th
All families are requested to donate one (or more) prizes for the raffle table. The deadline for donations is Feb 2nd. Please email Koula with details of your prize(s) and value, and to arrange drop off (koulap26@gmail.com). 

Jan 10th
We are proud to be hosting the 6th Aaron Johnson Memorial Cup at the Cameron Rec Centre in Burnaby. We have 231 athletes registered as of the registration deadline (Jan 12th), representing 13 clubs in British Columbia:

  • Club AViva
  • Flip City
  • KGTC
  • Nanaimo
  • OGC
  • Port Alberni
  • Prince George
  • Precision Trampoline
  • Revelstoke Acrobats
  • Shasta Trampoline
  • TAG
  • Wayland
  • Whistler

Late registration is available until Jan 31st for anyone who missed the deadline (check the work plan for details, as the entry fee increases with time). This year, we are also welcoming 12 athletes representing Team Saskatchewan.

Next steps are to confirm everyone's event and level in the database - shout-out to Debbie (Gymnastics BC) for help with database management!! and to create the schedule. Meantime, Georgina (BC judging Chair) is figuring out the judging roster, and we will be printing and filing DD sheets as soon as coaches send them in.

Please stay tuned for the volunteer sign up sheet, which will be going live very soon.  

Shasta is a passion for all involved!!


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