GBC Competition Updates

1) 10+U Category 
This category has been removed from the BC competitive system. For all athletes registered in the L1 categories (TR/DMT/TU), the registration will be reviewed immediately following the registration deadline for the first sanctioned BC Provincial Cup, then split by the median age to a maximum of two age groups. For example:  the girls category may be L1 11+U / L1 12+. Depending on the numbers, the boys may once again compete as one open age group. Once the new split has been established, the athletes will remain in the same groupings for the remained of the season. Reminder that the athletes age is determined as of December 31, 2018.
2) BC Provincial Cup – Registration Fees 
The Technical Committee has approved a small increase in the athlete registration fee for all BC Provincial Cups. The fee will be $90.
This move was taken to assist clubs with the added cost of meeting the new staging requirements for both DMT and TU. Judging panels for these events will now be sitting on a raised platform.
3) Team BC to Western Canada Cup 
The BC contingent to the Western Canada Cup shall consist of TWELVE (12) Team BC athletes (four for each discipline), two (2) Team Coaches, one (1) Team Coordinator and the required number of judges as determined by the Westerns Committee, GBC and the TGTC.
5).  National Stream Tiered Funding
All athletes who are properly registered and compete at the 2018 Canada Cup will be able to utilize their Canada Cup scores as a 4th tiered funding opportunity. NO other substitutions will be permitted.


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