BC Trampoline Gymnastics Technical committee

Gymnastics BC held the 2017/2018 Trampoline Gymnastics Assembly on Sunday the 17th September.
Nominations for committee members were voted on. 

Read more to see your new TG Technical Committee Members for 2017/2018

Chair:                                           Megan Conway (2yr term 2017-2019)
Judging Co-Chairs:                      Georgina Nerpio / Adri Pope
Coaching - Coaching Portfolio:   June Booth
Coaching – Athlete Portfolio:      Bobbie Worrall
Athlete Representative:               Mario Bruno
Members at Large:                      Rusty Pierce / Michelle Phillips / Matt Wheele / Jake Maxim / Jamie Gardner  
GBC Staff:                                    Andree Montreuil / Debbie McBoyle


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