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Canada Cup Club Results

Congratulations to our athletes that competed at Canada Cup. Kyle Carrager led our team with 3 medals: A gold in Junior DMT, a silver in Junior Trampoline, and a bronze in Senior Synchro Trampoline with Ben Blais.
Jane Harrigan also came home with a Gold medal in Women's National DMT.
Other athletes that made finals were:  Jane Harrigan Espoir Trampoline - ninthBrittany Falconer Senior Trampoline - ninthTyler Edwards Junior Trampoline - fourth and Junior DMT - fifthBen Blais Junior DMT - sixth (Synchro bronze)Duncan Blais DMT Espoir - seventh and Trampoline Espoir - fifthHannah Brown DMT Espoir - eighth
Full results can be found at Gymnastics Canada

Canada Cup Startlists and Results

Gymnastics Canada has a webpage hosting start lists and results for the 2014 Canada Cup.

Gymnastics Canada - Canada Cup Start lists and Results

Canada Cup 2014 Schedule

A schedule for Canada Cup can be found here.