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A Little Fun

I received this link from one of our athletes. For those that want to experience some trampoline fun without having to leave the safety of  solid ground try the CBC kids game Trampoline.

I managed a score of 125. (Beware if you try it, they don't award points for any skill landing on the back or front).


A big thank you to all the Shasta athletes who collected pledges for the Jumpathon. Together we raised a grand total of $5761.86!! We are now well on our way to having the funds needed to purchase the new double-mini landing zone - stay tuned for updates.

Order Deadline - Purdy's

The deadline to order Purdy's Chocolates for Christmas is fast approaching. The last day to order is Wednesday Nov. 21st. Orders will be distributed on Monday Dec. 3. For more details you can go to the fundraising page.