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October schedule changes

Please note the following changes:

Friday              Oct 5, No training, except Indos and Pan Am team (3:15-5:15Trampoline, No DMT) Saturday         Oct 6 No Training Monday           Oct 8 No training, except Indos and Pan Am team only (set up & DMT 5:30-6:30) (Trampoline 6:30-8:00) Friday              Oct 12 No National Training Tuesday          Oct 16 No Training Friday              Oct 19 No National Training Wednesday     Oct 31 No Training

Uniform Fitting

Let's get excited for our double mini athletes too!

Double Mini isn't an Olympic Sport (yet...) so we sometimes forget to celebrate Canada's accomplishments. Because we have some of the top Canadian ranked double mini athletes in our gym lets find some motivation for their season.

For this we should turn to a couple of our own.

Coach Bryan Milonja was a member of  the Canadian Mens DMT  Team that won the Team DMT gold at the World Championships in 2005

Current athlete Chelsea Nerpio was a member of the DMT team that represented Canada at the 2009 World Championships and won the silver medal.

Let's get excited!

Did you know Canada has won medals in trampoline at every Olympics since trampoline was added as an Olympic sport in 2000?

2000 (Sydney, Australia)
Bronze - Karen Cockburn
Bronze - Mathieu Turgeon

2004 (Athens Greece)
Silver - Karen Cockburn

2008 (Beijing China)
Silver - Karen Cockburn
Silver - Jason Burnett

This summer was historic for Canadian Trampoline. We were golden at the Olympics! Congratulations to Rosie MacLennan!

Watch Rosie's golden routine.

Competition Schedule