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Western Canada Cup success

Congratulations to our team that traveled to Western Canada Cup in Edmonton earlier this month. The results were outstanding!

Our athletes had the following results:

Declan McLean  
Silver    Double Mini B Men
4th        Trampoline B Men

Delaney Davidson
13th      Double Mini A Women
9th        Trampoline A Women

Caitlin Harrigan
Gold    Double Mini B Women
Silver  Trampoline B Women
Gold    Synchronized B Women trampoline with partner Jane Harrigan

Sydney Fitzsimonds
12th     Double Mini B Women
5th       Trampoline B Women
5th       Synchronized B Women Trampoline with partner Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright
21       Double Mini B Women
17th    Trampoline B Women
5th      Synchronized B Women Trampoline with partner Sydney Fitzsimonds

Cyena McIntosh
7th       Double Mini C Women
Silver  Trampoline C Women
Bronze Synchronized C Women Trampoline with partner Tara Kurz

Jane Harrigan
Gold    Double Mini C Women
Gold   Trampoline C Women
Gold    Synchro B Women Trampoline with partner Caitlin Harri…

Western Canada Cup

A good time was had by all at the Western Canada Cup in Beaumont, Alberta, May 11th to 13th, 2012. Shasta athletes Delaney Davidson, Sydney Fitzsimonds, Caitlin and Jane Harrigan, Tara Kurz, Cyena McIntosh, Declan McLean, and Amanda Wright showed us some great routines and between them brought home a big collection of medals and ribbons!!

A big thank you to our great coaches Lindsay and Lisa who helped make it a very successful and enjoyable trip, to the Shasta judges who gave up their weekend, to the Shasta Booster Club for their much appreciated contributions, to Sandra Comeault for her time spent making the travel arrangements and looking out for us while we were away ;) and as always to Val!