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Training Cancelled

Sorry for the short notice but with the chance of more snow coming this afternoon we have decided to cancel today's training (Tuesday, December 18th 2012).

We wish everyone a safe, happy and restful holiday season. 

Happy Holidays,

Shasta Coaching Team

Aaron Johnson

This past week has been a week of loss for Shasta Trampoline. We lost one of our own, Aaron Johnson. Aaron was exceptionally kind and caring; passionate and incredibly skilled; but most of all extremely humble.

For newer team members you knew Aaron as head coach Val's husband and occasional fill in coach.  For those that have been with Shasta a bit longer we knew Aaron as the guy that would borrow our kids to be demonstrators at coaching courses. Other club members knew Aaron from Vancouver Circus school and as the guy that got their kids involved in trampoline and Shasta. Some of our older athletes and coaches knew him as their personal coach.

Depending on when your life was touched by Aaron you will remember him best for different things:

the Nissen Trampoline Company team in Cedar Rapids Iowathe Canadian team in 1974 when Aaron competed for Canada at World Championshipsas the first Canadian to complete a triffthe 1975 and 1976 Canadian Senior Mens National Championa Shasta Tramp…

A Little Fun

I received this link from one of our athletes. For those that want to experience some trampoline fun without having to leave the safety of  solid ground try the CBC kids game Trampoline.

I managed a score of 125. (Beware if you try it, they don't award points for any skill landing on the back or front).


A big thank you to all the Shasta athletes who collected pledges for the Jumpathon. Together we raised a grand total of $5761.86!! We are now well on our way to having the funds needed to purchase the new double-mini landing zone - stay tuned for updates.

Order Deadline - Purdy's

The deadline to order Purdy's Chocolates for Christmas is fast approaching. The last day to order is Wednesday Nov. 21st. Orders will be distributed on Monday Dec. 3. For more details you can go to the fundraising page.

The Sun Sets Golden on the Indo Pacific Championships

The last day of competition in Sydney started off with a gold medal routine by Poppy Quinlan and Brittany Falconer. Our women increased their results over their preliminary round optional routine by 3.2 points to catapult themselves into the Gold Medal.

Next up was Tyler Edwards competing in the 15-16 Men's Double Mini Trampoline final. Tyler finished 8th.

Shasta's final athlete to compete was Duncan Blais in the 11-12 Men's Trampoline final. Duncan finished in 6th spot.

And that marks the end of the Indo Pacific Championships 2012. A huge congratulation to all our athletes!

Day 4 is Cast in Bronze!

For the second day in a row a Shasta athlete ended the day on the podium in Sydney. Poppy Quinlan won the bronze medal for 17+ Women's Double Mini Trampoline. Team mate Olivia Bortolazzo finished 7th.

Earlier in the day Poppy Quinlan and sychro partner Brittany Falconer secured a spot in the 17+ Women's Synchronized Trampoline final with 4th place in qualification.

Tyler Edwards also secured a spot in the 15-16 Men's Double Mini final with a 6th place finish in the qualification round.

Duncan Blais, who yesterday became the 2012 Indo Pacific Champion in 11-12 Men's Double Mini Trampoline, had his turn on the trampoline. Finishing in 6th place he earned himself a trip to the final that will take place later today.

Our final competitors of the day were Benjamin Blais and Liam Doherty in the 13-14 Men's Trampoline Final. Blais finished 5th and Doherty 8th.

Today is the last day of competition at the 2012 Indo-Pacific Championships. Our Athletes competing today are:

Day 3 is Golden!

Day 3 in Sydney at the Indo-Pacific championships turned golden for one Shasta Athlete. Duncan Blais continued to lead the 11-12 Men's Double Mini field to win the gold medal.

The first up in Sydney on day three were our 17+ Women qualifications for Double Mini Trampoline. All three of our Women landed in the top ten! Olivia Bortolazzo lead the field, Poppy Quinlan qualified in 6th, and Brittany Falconer finished in 10th. With only 0.5 separating second to eighth the final will be exciting.

Up next were 13-14 Men's Individual Trampoline. Benjamin Blais qualified for finals in ninth and Liam Doherty came 15th.

The evening of Day 3 saw our athletes in action in Finals. First up were  Ben Blais and Liam Doherty competing in the 13-14 Men's Synchronized Trampoline Final where they finished fourth.

Next up was Duncan Blais and his gold medal performance on Double Mini.

Our final competitor for day three was Cameron Quinlan in the 15-16 Men's Trampoline Final finishing 8th o…

Day 2 Down Under

For those trying to watch the live results coming from the Indo-Pacifics there have been some challenges. Some people are not seeing scores and for others they appear and then disappear. I have done some experimenting and it seems browser, browser cache, and OS all play a role in determining your experience. (It is also possible that their server is overwhelmed. ) I have found cleaning my browser cache frequently seems to help.

But for those that would like a straight forward route to the scores you can see them below.

13-14 Men's DMT final: Liam Doherty 4th, Ben Blais 9th

15-16 Men's Trampoline Prelims: Cameron Quinlan 12th

13-14 Men's Synchronized Prelims: Benjamin Blais & Liam Doherty qualify for finals in 5th

17+ Women's Trampoline Final: Poppy Quinlan 6th, Olivia Bortolazzo 7th

11-12 Men's Double Mini prelims: Duncan Blais 1st!

Later today our athletes begin day 3 of competition:

6 pm          DMT Prelims  Olivia Bortolazzo, Poppy Quinlan, Brittany Falcon…

Day One: Indo-Pacific Championships

Yesterday was day one of competition at the Indo-Pacific Championships. The day started with Ben Blais and Liam Doherty competing in Mens Double Mini Trampoline 13-14. Both made top 10 and will compete in the finals tonight.
Also our Women 17+ competed on trampoline. Poppy Quinlan and Olivia Bortolazzo qualified for finals which will be about 2 AM tomorrow morning our time.

The rules for Indos are top ten to finals (max. 3 athletes per delegation  unless there are less than 4 delegations in the level) with all scores carrying forward to finals (no fresh start).

All Scores
Event Website
Event Schedule

To figure out the time difference take our time in BC, subtract 6 hours, then add 1 day.

Mini Meet for Provincial Level Athletes



Eight athletes from Shasta Trampoline will represent Canada at the 2012 Indo Pacific Championships.

Ben and Duncan Blais (New Westminster),Olivia Bortolazzo (Burnaby), Brittany Falconer (Delta), Poppy Quinlan (Maple Ridge), Coach Curt DeWolff, Tyler Edwards (North Vancouver), Cameron Quinlan (Maple Ridge), and  Liam Doherty (Surrey), are pumped as they prepare for take off to Sydney, Australia with Team Canada on Thursday.
After months of intensive training under the direction of Val Johnson, head coach and founder of Shasta Trampoline, these young athletes have been selected to represent Canada at the 2012 Indos, which run from Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th October. This competition is held every two years and was established to provide athletes from Non-European countries an opportunity to compete in an international event. This year, the event is being hosted by Gymnastics Australia at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre.The best trampoline athletes from countries along the Pacif…

October schedule changes

Please note the following changes:

Friday              Oct 5, No training, except Indos and Pan Am team (3:15-5:15Trampoline, No DMT) Saturday         Oct 6 No Training Monday           Oct 8 No training, except Indos and Pan Am team only (set up & DMT 5:30-6:30) (Trampoline 6:30-8:00) Friday              Oct 12 No National Training Tuesday          Oct 16 No Training Friday              Oct 19 No National Training Wednesday     Oct 31 No Training

Uniform Fitting

Let's get excited for our double mini athletes too!

Double Mini isn't an Olympic Sport (yet...) so we sometimes forget to celebrate Canada's accomplishments. Because we have some of the top Canadian ranked double mini athletes in our gym lets find some motivation for their season.

For this we should turn to a couple of our own.

Coach Bryan Milonja was a member of  the Canadian Mens DMT  Team that won the Team DMT gold at the World Championships in 2005

Current athlete Chelsea Nerpio was a member of the DMT team that represented Canada at the 2009 World Championships and won the silver medal.

Let's get excited!

Did you know Canada has won medals in trampoline at every Olympics since trampoline was added as an Olympic sport in 2000?

2000 (Sydney, Australia)
Bronze - Karen Cockburn
Bronze - Mathieu Turgeon

2004 (Athens Greece)
Silver - Karen Cockburn

2008 (Beijing China)
Silver - Karen Cockburn
Silver - Jason Burnett

This summer was historic for Canadian Trampoline. We were golden at the Olympics! Congratulations to Rosie MacLennan!

Watch Rosie's golden routine.

Competition Schedule

Shasta Athletes Going Down Under

Gymnastics Canada has named the Canadian 2012 team going to the Indo Pacifics being held in Sydney, Australia in October.

Shasta has 8 athletes that will compete for Canada!

Poppy Quinlin in Women 17+ : trampoline, synchro trampoline, and double mini trampoline. 
Britany Falconer in Women 17+: trampoline, synchro trampoline, and double mini trampoline. 
Olivia Bortolazzo Women 17+: trampoline, double mini trampoline.
Duncan Blais Men 11-12: trampoline, double mini trampoline.
Ben Blais Men 13-14: trampoline, synchro trampoline, and double mini trampoline. 
Liam Doherty Men 13-14: trampoline, synchro trampoline, and double mini trampoline. 
Cameron Quinlan  Men 15-16: trampoline
Tyler Edwards Men 15-16: double mini trampoline.

Great Results at Canada Cup

Shasta had great results at Canada Cup held last weekend at the Langley Events Center. Our athletes won a total of 14 medals including 4 Canada Cup 2012 Champions. Our medal winners were:

Olivia Bortolazzo (Shasta): 1st DMT (Senior)
Anita Cirillo (Shasta ): 3rd Trampoline (Senior)
Liam Doherty (Shasta): 1st Trampoline (Novice 11-14), 2nd DMT (Novice 11-14)
Ben Blais (Shasta): 2nd Trampoline (Novice 11-14), 2nd Synchro (Novice)
Duncan Blais (Shasta): 3rd Trampoline (Novice 11-14), 1st DMT (Novice 11-14)
Carolina Cirillo (Shasta): 1st Trampoline (Novice 15+)
Matthew Bloudov (Shasta): 2nd Trampoline (Novice 15+)
Poppy Quinlan (Shasta): 2nd Trampoline (Open), 2nd DMT (Open)
Connor Doherty (Shasta): 3rd DMT (Open)
Tyler Edwards (Shasta): 2nd Synchro (Novice)

Canada Cup 2012 Langley

This weekend there is a great opportunity to see some of the top trampoline athletes in the country as well as athletes from Germany, Great Britain, France and Japan. Canada Cup is being held at theLangley Events Centre. The competition runs from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.

The prices for one day admission are:

Adult $10Student $5Family $25under 5 free ** cash only for admission

A schedule can be viewed on Gymnastics BC website.

Canada Cup is the second qualifier to be chosen for the Canadian team going to the Indo Pacifics in Australia.

Shasta's Athletes Go Big at Nationals

The 2012 Canadian Gymnastic Championships were held this year in Regina, Saskatchewan. Shasta's national athletes who had qualified to go with Team BC were aiming for results similar to what they had achieved at Elite Canada earlier this year ... and they delivered!

Nationals was the first of two qualifying competitions for the national age group team  Gymnastics Canada will send to the Indo Pacific Championships to be held October 13-21st  in Sydney, Australia. The second qualifying meet is the upcoming Canada Cup being held at the Langley Events Center on July 12-15

Shasta Results from Nationals Trampoline Finals: Women’s Open: Poppy Quinlan – silver, Olivia Bortolazzo – bronze, Brittany Falconer – 10th
Women’s Senior: Anita Cirillo – 5th
Men’s Novice 11-14: Ben Blais– gold, Liam Doherty – bronze, Duncan Blais– 4th
Men’s Novice 15+: Tyler Edwards - silver, Jordan Wilmshurst  – bronze, Matthew Bloudov – 9th
Men’s Youth: Cameron Quinlan – 6th

DMT Finals: Women’s Open: Brittany Fa…

Western Canada Cup success

Congratulations to our team that traveled to Western Canada Cup in Edmonton earlier this month. The results were outstanding!

Our athletes had the following results:

Declan McLean  
Silver    Double Mini B Men
4th        Trampoline B Men

Delaney Davidson
13th      Double Mini A Women
9th        Trampoline A Women

Caitlin Harrigan
Gold    Double Mini B Women
Silver  Trampoline B Women
Gold    Synchronized B Women trampoline with partner Jane Harrigan

Sydney Fitzsimonds
12th     Double Mini B Women
5th       Trampoline B Women
5th       Synchronized B Women Trampoline with partner Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright
21       Double Mini B Women
17th    Trampoline B Women
5th      Synchronized B Women Trampoline with partner Sydney Fitzsimonds

Cyena McIntosh
7th       Double Mini C Women
Silver  Trampoline C Women
Bronze Synchronized C Women Trampoline with partner Tara Kurz

Jane Harrigan
Gold    Double Mini C Women
Gold   Trampoline C Women
Gold    Synchro B Women Trampoline with partner Caitlin Harri…

Western Canada Cup

A good time was had by all at the Western Canada Cup in Beaumont, Alberta, May 11th to 13th, 2012. Shasta athletes Delaney Davidson, Sydney Fitzsimonds, Caitlin and Jane Harrigan, Tara Kurz, Cyena McIntosh, Declan McLean, and Amanda Wright showed us some great routines and between them brought home a big collection of medals and ribbons!!

A big thank you to our great coaches Lindsay and Lisa who helped make it a very successful and enjoyable trip, to the Shasta judges who gave up their weekend, to the Shasta Booster Club for their much appreciated contributions, to Sandra Comeault for her time spent making the travel arrangements and looking out for us while we were away ;) and as always to Val!
Good luck to all our Shasta athletes competing at Elite Canada in Airdrie Alberta. Live results for Elite Canada can be found at

Schedule for Provincial Championships

The schedule for the upcoming Provincial Championships being held in Kamloops can be found here.


Results for 2nd Team Trials are available online at 2nd Team Trial Results Feb. 2012

2012 Competition Calendar


BC Second Team Trials Schedule Available

The competition schedule for BC Second Team Trials is now available here.