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Form Clinic for All National Level Athletes

GBC is hosting a form clinic at our gym for all national level athletes and those who competed provincial A last year.

Date: November 11th, 2010 2:30 - 6:30 PM Place: Shasta Trampoline, New Westminster Arenex Cost: $10
All Shasta athletes wishing to participate need to give the fee to Carolyn by October 13th

Club Attire Sizing

A reminder that Saturday October 2 11:30-1:40 PM all athletes requiring attire need to be sized at the gym. NO ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED without cheques payable to Shasta Trampoline. 

The price list is as follows:

Men’s/Boys Club Singlet                 $30.00 matching red longs                            $25.00 matching red shorts                          $20.00 TOTAL                                                $75.00            (All Provincial &                                                                                        National level male                                                                                      athletes)

Men’s/Boys National Singlet      $35.00 matching black longs                         $25.00 matching black shorts                       $20.00 TOTAL                                                $80.00            (National men                                                                                       ONLY)

National Ladies Trainers         …

Watch Anita Compete at Loule World Cup in Portugal

We will be able to cheer on Anita from home! The World Cup in Portugal is being streamed live on the event website. These times are based on the  Work Plan Schedule  and Start lists  (Anita is in flight 3 ).

Here is the information you need:
Event Website Link

Thursday September 23 the Canadians train from 17:45 - 18:30 Portugal Time ( 11:45 AM  Vancouver time)

Friday September 24 Anita competes in flight 3 18:00 - 18:45 Portugal Time (10 AM Vancouver Time)

Uniform Fittings

Uniform fittings will be taking place for all team members Saturday October 2 from 11:30-2:00 at the gym. Please check you email for a notice with all the details.

What is in a provincial routine?

I had an email from a parent of a new competitive athlete. This parent asked, "Being new to competitive trampoline, I was wondering if is there a document available that describes the elements that are required in routines for Provincial levels A, B and C?" As I was answering her question I thought others might have the same question.

At BC Provincial Trials in the preliminary round all trampoline athletes do one compulsory routine and one optional routine. Compulsory routines are set for each level. To see what these are you can refer to these documents on the Gymnastics BC website.
10 and Under compulsory routineProvincial C, B, & A compulsory routinesOptional (referred to of voluntary routines) routines are created by the athlete's coach and have a required minimum and maximum degree of difficulty. 

After the preliminary round the top 10 athletes in the category move on to finals. Athletes that qualify for finals will do a second optional (or voluntary) routine. …

Meeting Reminder

A reminder that tomorrow we have a meeting for all Shasta parents.

When: Saturday September 18th 12-2 PM
Where: Centennial Community Center, 65 East 6th, New Westminster

Posted dated competition fee cheques are due at this meeting. See your email for further details.

Good Luck in Portugal!

Anita Cirillo, of Shasta Trampoline, has been named to Team Canada for the World Cup in Loule Portugal. This competition is being held September 21-25, 2010. There will be live streaming of this competition. Once I have a schedule and start lists I will post when we can watch Anita.

Congratulations to Anita for this great accomplishment and good luck in Portugal.

Are We Excited Yet?

Our National Athletes have been involved in a variety of pre-season training activities like:

a two day camp with Olympic Trampoline coach Dave Ross from Skyriders Trampoline.   Karen Cockburn (three time Olympic Medalist), Rosie MacLennan (2008 Olympics 7th) and Jason Burnett (Olympic Silver Medalist 2008) all train out of Skyriders with coach Dave Ross so this was an amazing opportunity for our athletes.a one day conditioning camp that concluded with kayaking in Port Moody at Rocky Point Kayakstime at Quantum Gymnastics using the pit and the four point bungee system (Thanks June!)
Now it is time for the entire team to begin training for the 2010-2011 T&T season. Regular training starts today so if you are in a Monday training group you are training today. Remember a water bottle and a healthy snack (or two).

For attire wear shorts (not baggy) and a t-shirt (not baggy). Or if you prefer a training bodysuit/singlet. Also no jewelery please.

We are looking forward to another great S…