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35 years of Shasta Trampoline

Tim put together a great slide show of Shasta over the years for the 35th reunion. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

35 Years of Shasta Part 1

35 Years of Shasta Part 2

35 years of Shasta Part 3

Gymnastics BC Scholarships

Gymnastics BC will award 3 scholarships of $500.00 for the pursuit of post-secondary education. These scholarships are for athletes who have:
Shown outstanding leadership traits and skills in gymnastics and within their community. Demonstrated a personal contribution to improve their community, school, club and in general, helping other people with their daily lives. Attained athletic achievements in gymnastics and other sports as well. Attained high scholastic achievements The scholarships will be presented at the 2010 Gymnastics BC Awards Evening on October 2, 2010 at the Coast Hotel & Convention Centre in Langley.

Application Package

A Look at the Indo Pacific's Venue

Here is a look at the competition venue in Kakegawa. Thank you  to Shizuoka Trampoline Club Blog for the image.

They've Arrived!

I (Bryan Milonja, Anita Cirillo, Cameron Quinlan, Chelsea Nerpio, Shannon Comeault, Ben Blais and Poppy Quinlan) I've had word that our team has arrived!  They begin competition tomorrow at 6 PM Pacific time. Startlist are available:
Trampoline Start Lists
Double Mini Start Lists
Synchro Trampoline Start Lists

I still haven't managed to find any streaming video.

Good luck to all of Canadian Team.

Good Luck Shasta in Kakegawa!

Our Shasta 7 leave today for Kakegawa! We are proud of each of you!

I've been doing some digging and it appears the scores at Indo's are cumulative. There is a document on the GCG website that gives the following information:
all scores are cumulativeall finals are best 10 - 3 per countrySenior team event all individual disciplines
For Trampoline & Syncho
                   Preliminary                         Final      
10-12yrs     1 free vol                        1 free vol      
13-14yrs     1 free vol                        1 free vol      
15-16yrs     FIG B set + 1 free vol     1 free vol      
17+ yrs       FIG B set + 1 free vol     1 free vol      
Senior         FIG A set + 1 free vol     1 free vol     

For Double Mini
All levels will have 2 free passes for preliminaries and 2 free passes for finals.

I have not yet found a site that is streaming the competition, but I will keep looking.

Happy 35th Shasta!

Tim Cleave did an interview for New West Leader about the upcoming Anniversary celebrations.  I think all of Shasta would agree with Tim's statement, "Val has the ability to inspire people like nobody I’ve ever met ... Shasta created champions but it also created really good people. When people left Shasta they didn’t just leave with their medals, they left with a whole outlook on life.”

Friday night at 6:30 kicks off the festivities with a "jump-in" for the oldies.

Kakegawa Here We Come!

We are very proud to have 6 athletes and 1 coach flying to Japan on Saturday to compete/coach at the 2010 Indo Pacific Championships in Kakegawa Japan.

Poppy Quinlan, Cameron Quinlan, Shannon Comeault, Anita Cirillo, Ben Blais, and Chelsea Nerpio all qualified for Team Canada. This outstanding achievement by our Shasta Trampoline athletes qualified us to send coach Bryan Milonja as the Canadian Trampoline Coach.

Information for this competition can be found on the official 2010 Indo Pacific website.

Qualifications, finals, and awards are held on the same day. So far there has only been a general schedule published as follows:

Wed 30 June 10 AM Kakegawa - (Tuesday June 29 at 6 PM Pacific time)
Individual Trampoline – Chelsea and Anita
Sychro Tramp – Shannon and Poppy
DMT – Cameron

Thursday July 1 10 AM Kakegawa – (Wednesday June 30 at 6 PM Pacific time)
Trampoline – Ben
Synchro – Ben and Cam
DMT – Chelsea

Friday July 2 10 AM Kakegawa – (Thursday July 1 at 6 PM Pacific time)
Trampoline – …

Who is the athlete in the picture?

In a blog on the New West Record website there is a picture of a Shasta athlete performing on a trampoline at the PNE in 1973. Anyone know who it is?

Wind Up BBQ

A reminder that Saturday June 26 at 4:30 we are holding our windup BBQ in Queens Park. If you are coming you need to RSVP to Carolyn ASAP with the number of family members attending.


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