Road closure

National athletes training on Sat December 2nd. Please be aware Columbia street will be closed from 8 am to 1 pm.  Santa Claus is coming to town!

WAGs update

Declan finished in the middle of the pack in a field of 84!!
Very tough competition out there.
Congratulations to all our athletes who made it to Worlds and WAGs!

WAGs update

Declan will be competing tomorrow - Saturday 18th!
13:20-14:05: TRA 15-16 M Group 5 *Declan competing

Worlds: Results update

Congratulations Sam on achieving a personal best in prelims!!
Sam took 16th place in the semi-finals - top 8 qualified for finals.
Commiserations to Tamara who was selected for the DMT team but was unable to attend due to medical reasons. We are all wishing her a speedy recovery!
Stay tuned for WAGs results, as Declan will be competing next week :)

Worlds: Results update

Team finals: Canada in 5th place!
 Team                                                               Final                      Total

China CHN
ZHONG Xingping                                           54.930                     167.495
ZHU Xueying                                                  56.465
LIU Lingling                                                    56.100

HARCHONAK Hanna                                     53.880                     166.125
PIATRENIA Tatsiana                                       56.910
MAKHARYNSKAYA Maryia                         55.335

Great Britain
GALLAGHER Laura                                       55.365                    163.810
SONGHURST Isabelle                                    53.715
DRISCOLL Katherine                                     54.730

TAKAGI Yumi                                                 53.700                     163.295
MORI Hikaru                                                   54.905
KISHI Ayano      …

Results from Worlds - Sofia, Bulgaria